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  • Microsoft and Oracle Launch Oracle Database@Azure for Azure Customers

    Microsoft and Oracle recently announced the general availability of Oracle Database@Azure, allowing Azure customers to procure, deploy, and use Oracle Database@Azure with the Azure portal and APIs.

  • AWS Announces the General Availability of Lambda Extensions

    Recently AWS announced Lambda extensions' general availability (GA), which allows its users to integrate Lambda functions with their preferred tooling for monitoring, observability, security, and governance. The GA release includes performance improvements and an expanded set of partners.

  • AsyncAPI and Postman Partner to Bring New Tooling to Asynchronous APIs

    AsyncAPI and Postman announced a partnership to support the AsyncAPI specification on the Postman platform. In their respective announcements, they detail how this partnership allows to boost the development of Asynchronous APIs. This will be done by building better tools to help engineers create and maintain Asynchronous APIs while using their favorite programming languages and frameworks.

  • DigitalOcean Announces Partner App Marketplace

    DigitalOcean has announced Marketplace, a platform where third-party providers can deliver their software stacks as One-Click Apps. Initially, Marketplace offers a variety of partner offerings, including databases, visualization, and monitoring tools and developer frameworks.

  • Strategic Partnership Announced Between Atlassian and Slack: HipChat to Be Discontinued

    Atlassian announced that they are entering into a strategic partnership with Slack on July 26, 2018, and will no longer offer their own real-time communications products Hipchat Cloud, Hipchat Data Center, Hipchat Server, and Stride. The partnership enables them to extend existing integrations between their tools and co-build new ones.

  • Microsoft and SAP Expand Partnership in the Cloud

    Microsoft and SAP recently announced, at SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW conference, an expanded partnership. The expanded partnership will focus on better support for SAP HANA in Azure, integration across Cloud Services including Office 365, Concur and SuccessFactors and Mobile App management for SAP Fiori using Microsoft Intune.

  • Is The Patent System Broken?

    In a recent interview with The San Francisco Chronicle the patent counsel of Google, Tim Porter, claims the patent system itself is broken. Patent offices worldwide have been increasingly granting protection to “innovations” that are not innovative. The IT Industry is currently facing a series of patent trials which some large corporates seem to leverage as weapons for attacking competitors.

  • SOA Link Adds Testing/QA Partners

    The SOA Link initiative, started by SOA Registry vendor Infravio in May, expands to include testing and QA vendors iTKO, Mindreef, and Solstice.