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DevOps Follow 356 Followers Uwe Friedrichsen on Functional Service Design and Observability by Daniel Bryant Follow 282 Followers Posted on Nov 27, 2017

DevOps Follow 356 Followers Article Series: Patterns of DevOps Culture by Manuel Pais Follow 8 Followers Posted on Sep 18, 2015

DevOps Follow 356 Followers How Different Team Topologies Influence DevOps Culture by Matthew Skelton Follow 2 Followers Posted on Sep 02, 2015

Followers 10 SOA Commandments by Hans Wierenga Follow 0 Followers Posted on May 10, 2010 8

Followers Practices from “SOA Principles of Service Design” by Thomas Erl by Thomas Erl Follow 0 Followers Posted on Oct 15, 2009

Followers The Emergence of Virtual Service Oriented Grids by Enrique Castro-Leon Follow 0 Followers , Jackson He Follow 0 Followers , Mark Chang Follow 0 Followers , Parviz Peiravi Follow 0 Followers Posted on Apr 30, 2009 2

Followers Introduction to BackgrounDRb by Ezra Zygmuntowicz Follow 0 Followers Posted on Jun 27, 2006 5

Followers SOA anti-patterns by Steve Jones Follow 0 Followers Posted on Jun 19, 2006 5

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Followers Dependency Principles for SOA by Mark Little Follow 5 Followers Posted on Jul 29, 2013 Followers NServiceBus 4.0 with support for RabbitMQ and ActiveMQ by Jan Stenberg Follow 10 Followers Posted on Jul 13, 2013 1 Followers Are GET And POST Enough To Create RESTful Services? by Dilip Krishnan  Followers Posted on Jun 23, 2010 10
Followers Should We Define SOA Non-Principles? by Boris Lublinsky  Followers Posted on Apr 14, 2010 4 Followers SOA Grammar – Are Services Verbs or Nouns? by Boris Lublinsky  Followers Posted on Oct 21, 2009 13 Followers Bringing SOA and BPM Closer Together by Boris Lublinsky  Followers Posted on Sep 30, 2009 1
Followers How Does SOA Relate to Cloud Computing? by Boris Lublinsky  Followers Posted on Sep 02, 2009 2 Followers Is CRUD Bad for REST? by Boris Lublinsky  Followers Posted on Jul 30, 2009 17 Followers Is Service Reuse Over Used? by Mark Little Follow 5 Followers Posted on Jul 12, 2009 4
Followers The Open Group SOA Source Book by Boris Lublinsky  Followers Posted on May 13, 2009 Followers Interview: Ian Robinson discusses REST, WS-* and Implementing an SOA by Ryan Slobojan Follow 0 Followers Posted on Feb 18, 2009 1 Followers Overcoming Obstacles in Implementing SOA by Boris Lublinsky  Followers Posted on Sep 26, 2008 2
Followers Martin Fowler: Can SOA Be Done With an Agile Approach? by Boris Lublinsky  Followers Posted on Sep 20, 2008 Followers Is There a Symbiosis Between SOA and DDD? by Boris Lublinsky  Followers Posted on Sep 15, 2008 7 Followers 5 SOA Best Practices According to IBM by Boris Lublinsky  Followers Posted on Sep 06, 2008
Followers Only 1 in 5 SOA Projects Actually Succeed by Boris Lublinsky  Followers Posted on Jul 26, 2008 4 Followers Is Enterprise Data Management the Third Face of the SOA/BPM Coin? by Jean-Jacques Dubray  Followers Posted on Jun 25, 2008 4 Followers SOA Governance Revisited by Boris Lublinsky  Followers Posted on Jun 01, 2008 2
Followers Is Cohesion Important for SOA? by Mark Little Follow 5 Followers Posted on Apr 25, 2008 5 Followers Christian Weyer on Service Oriented Communication by James Vastbinder  Followers Posted on Jan 16, 2008 4 Followers InfoQ Minibook: Composite Software Construction by Stefan Tilkov Follow 1 Followers Posted on Nov 26, 2007
Followers Tight Coupling and its Unintended Consequences by Mark Figley Follow 0 Followers Posted on Nov 13, 2007
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Followers Designing Composite Services Using BPMN 2.0 as a Visual Programming Language by Lloyd Dugan Follow 0 Followers Posted on Jan 09, 2013
Followers Building Cloudy Services by Anne Thomas Manes Follow 0 Followers Posted on Jan 07, 2013
Followers Service-Oriented Solution Evaluation Criteria by Paul Mooney Follow 0 Followers Posted on Jul 22, 2010
Followers REST-Inspired SOA Design Patterns (and Anti-Patterns) by Cesare Pautasso Follow 0 Followers Posted on Jun 10, 2010 2
Followers Service Oriented Communication with Windows Communication Foundation by Christian Weyer Follow 0 Followers Posted on Jan 16, 2008 4

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Followers Composite Software Construction Composite Software offers a new level of granularity when compared to SaaS (Software as a Service). Composite Software is about enabling "right-sourcing", i.e. move (or keep) arbitrary small or large elements of functionality wherever it is the most cost effective to operate them, not just entire systems. Economically, "right-sourcing" is far more efficient than "outsourcing" and SaaS.
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