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  • VMware’s Project Pacific Integrates Kubernetes with vSphere

    VMware announced Project Pacific, a re-architected version of vSphere, which embeds the Kubernetes control plane inside it. It aims to provide uniform management of containers and virtual machines in vSphere installations.

  • Kubernetes Future: VMs, Containers, or Hypervisor?

    In competing visions of the future of Kubernetes, Paul Czarkowski, principal technologist at Pivotal, predicts that VMs will replace containers, and Joe Fernandes, a VP at Red Hat, considers that VMs usage is evolving for Kubernetes rather than replacing containers. In addition, Chris Short, Red Hat's principal product marketing manager, said that Kubernetes is close to replacing the hypervisor.

  • Platform9 Releases Managed Kubernetes Service on VMWare vSphere

    Platform9, a SaaS-managed hybrid cloud provider, released a fully managed Kubernetes service on VMWare vSphere. This service is provided with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and live monitoring. This service provides the open source version of Kubernetes with no code forks.

  • OpsRamp Announces Improved Service Centricity, AIOps and Cloud Monitoring

    OpsRamp, a service-centric AIOps software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for the hybrid enterprise, has announced new topology maps, enhanced artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) features and new monitoring capabilities for cloud native workloads.

  • Xen Hypervisor 4.10 Focuses on Security and Better ARM Support

    The Xen Project released version 4.10 of their hypervisor with an improved architecture for x86, better support for ARM processor hardware updates, and changes to schedulers and the user interface.

  • Continuous Delivery of Telecom Software at Ericsson

    The telecom industry has seen changes in service delivery processes in recent years via the adoption of DevOps principles and tools. Ericsson’s talk at the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2017 in London and their and continuous delivery paper outline the challenges they faced and how they overcame them.

  • Azure Service Fabric Reaches General Availability

    At Microsoft’s recent Build conference in San Francisco, the company announced the general availability (GA) of Azure Service Fabric.

  • Continuous Delivery for (Smart) Trucks

    Peter Thorngren, from Volvo Trucks, explains how the future world of smart trucks and autonomous transportation systems rely deeply on continuous delivery techniques like virtualization, test automation and continuous integration.

  • Survey Indicates Rise in Container-based Stateful Applications

    A survey revealed that more than 75% of IT decision makers are interested in running stateful applications like databases inside containers.

  • VMware Open Source 'Photon Controller' Infrastructure Control Plane at DockerCon EU

    At DockerCon EU 2015, VMware made available their Photon Controller as an open source product via the organisation’s GitHub account. The Photon Controller is a component within VMware’s Photon platform that is designed as an infrastructure stack optimised for ‘container and cloud’ workloads. The platform offers an API-first user experience, a scalable control plane, and native container support.

  • VirtualBox 5.0 released

    Oracle released Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0. It supports Paravirtualization for Windows and Linux guests, offers improved CPU utilization, supports USB 3.0, enables bi-directional Drag and drop, and lets you encrypt your disk images. It works seamlessly with current versions of Vagrant.

  • Google Release 'Preemptible' VMs with Fixed Pricing in Beta

    Google have released Google Compute Engine ‘preemptible’ virtual machines in beta, which are the same as normal instances with the exception that they are limited to a maximum 24 hour runtime, and may be shut down at any time. Preemptible VMs are offered at a fixed price, which is discounted up to 70% off the prices of normal instances.

  • VENOM Vulnerability Threatens Several Major VM Hosts

    Users of the popular virtual machine tools Xen, KVM, VirtualBox, and QEMU are urged to patch their systems as soon as possible due to a newly found bug that exposes flaws in the code providing virtual floppy disk support. The VENOM vulnerability affects all operating systems that are hosting these environments.

  • The Peril and Promise of the Early Adoption of Technology

    At the inaugural O’Reilly Software Architecture conference, Bryan Cantrill shared lessons learnt from building a business around the early adoption of OS-virtualised containers. Core advice included; don’t innovate in too many directions at once; identify the technical differentiators, and focus on ease of use/adoptions for everything else; and don’t give up - technological revolutions take time.

  • Alex Bordei on Scaling NoSQL Databases

    Network performance, virtualization and testing are some of the considerations to address performance and scalability issues with NoSQL databases. Alex Bordei wrote about scaling NoSQL databases and tips for increasing performance when using these data stores.


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