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Schema for Web Services – Part I: Basic Datatypes by Dennis Sosnoski Posted on Jan 15, 2009 Most web service developers rely on a data binding conversion layer within a web service to work directly with data structures in their programming language of choice - but this causes a number of problems. In the first of a series of articles that look at these problems, Dennis Sosnoski starts at the most basic level, looking at simple data types and the issues that arise from mapping them. 1

Open Source WS Stacks for Java - Design Goals and Philosophy by Stefan Tilkov Posted on Oct 04, 2007 InfoQ's Stefan Tilkov questioned lead developers of Apache Axis2, Apache CXF, Spring Web Services, JBossWS and and Sun’s Metro about their design goals, their approach towards Java and Web services standards, data binding, accessing XML, interoperability, REST support, and framework maturity. The results revealed many similarities and some noteworthy differences. 12

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Conquering XML with LINQ in Visual Basic 9.0 by Beth Massi Posted on Apr 23, 2008 In Visual Basic 9.0, XML becomes a built-in data type with a rich editing experience that completely eliminates the conceptual barrier between the code that you write and the XML that you're trying to express. It will cover tips, tricks, and gotchas so that developers reach peak performance when programming against XML with LINQ in Visual Basic 9.0. 3