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eBay Announces by Dilip Krishnan Posted on Nov 30, 2011 New Version of Bing AJAX Map is targeted for Mobile Devices by Jonathan Allen Posted on Nov 23, 2010 Trends for Architectures that Provide Value for Business in Challenging Year of 2009 by Sadek Drobi Posted on Mar 22, 2009
JackBe Offers Free Developer Edition of Presto Mashup Platform by Srini Penchikala Posted on Nov 10, 2008 1 Enterprise Web Conf: WOI, REST, and Mashups in New York Oct 28 & London Oct 30 by Floyd Marinescu Posted on Sep 12, 2008 SPARQL Update to Complete RESTful SOA Scenario by Thomas Bandholtz Posted on May 06, 2008
Security for Services and Mashups by Steven Robbins Posted on Apr 17, 2008 WebSphere Updates: sMash, eXtreme Scale, Virtual Enterprise, Business Events by Floyd Marinescu Posted on Apr 09, 2008 Cool URIs in a RESTful World by Thomas Bandholtz Posted on Apr 08, 2008
OASIS Symposium: Composability within SOA by Jean-Jacques Dubray Posted on Mar 17, 2008 A New Way to Write Mashups in IE by Jonathan Allen Posted on Mar 07, 2008 Interview: IBM CTO Jerry Cuomo on REST & Project Zero by Floyd Marinescu Posted on Jan 21, 2008 1
Pattie Maes on Ambient Intelligence by Niclas Nilsson Posted on Oct 29, 2007 1 Presentation: Rod Smith - Mash-ups Meet the Enterprise by Stefan Tilkov Posted on Jun 23, 2007 Platt on Web 2.0 and SOA by Stefan Tilkov Posted on Aug 15, 2006 1
SOA "Soft Landing" by Miko Matsumura Posted on May 23, 2006 3 SOA Meets Web 2.0 at SOA Executive Forum by Miko Matsumura Posted on May 17, 2006 2

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Interview With Paul Fremantle On WSO2 Stratos by Dilip Krishnan Posted on Aug 30, 2010 WSO2 recently released Stratos an Open Source Cloud Computing Platform for Enterprise Application Development. WSO2 Stratos is built on top of and extends WSO2 Carbon an OSGi-compliant middleware. InfoQ interviewed Paul Fremantle CTO of WSO2 to talk about the product offering and provide insights into the roadmap and development of Stratos.

Evolutionary integration with ESBs by Rune Schumann Kjetil Paulsen Posted on Jun 01, 2006 ESB Programming experts provide simple working examples and clearly communicated ideas and patterns using the open source Mule ESB tool set. These examples provide both working code as well as suggest a methodology of evolutionary integration which can be used to dramatically simplify and accelerate SOA integration. 7

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