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InfoQ Article: Making AspectJ development easier with AJDT

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 20 Followers on  Nov 23, 2006 4

Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) can be used to solve a number of today's application requirements but can also be intimidating for developers when getting started. A new article by Matt Chapman, AJDT Project Lead, shows how AOP development with the popular AspectJ library can be made easier using the Eclipse AspectJ Development Tools (AJDT) plugin.


Spring.NET QnA with Aleks Seovic and Mark Pollack

by James Vastbinder Follow 0 Followers on  Nov 07, 2006 13

InfoQ had a chance to sit down with Aleksandar Seovic and Mark Pollack the co-creaters of Spring.NET. Spring.NET is an application framework that brings AOP, a Dependency Injection container and data access framework to .NET. It is not a complete port of Spring to .NET yet it preserves the tenets of Spring.


Interview: Ivar Jacobson on the UP, UML, MDA, and the future of methodologies

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 24, 2006 5

Ivar Jacobson, one of the creators of the Unified Process, UML, and use cases, introduces his vision for a next generation development methodology that is both agile and comprehensive like the Unified Process (UP). His vision includes 'Intelligent Agents' which make customization recommendations based on tool usage patterns. Jacobson also talks about his views on UML, MDA, AOP, and the future.


Spring 2 Final Released - Downloads overload servers

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 20 Followers on  Oct 03, 2006 3

Spring 2 final has gone live. Soon after the release their servers became unavailable due to all the downloads. :) Spring 2 final is the much awaited release with new the new simplified and extensible XML configuration, AOP enhancements and AspectJ integration, asynchronous JMS, first class JPA support, dynamic language support, OSGi, portlet support and MVC enhancements.


InfoQ Article: Painless AOP with Groovy

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 20 Followers on  Oct 02, 2006 9

In this latest article, John McClean shows how to use Groovy's MOP to perform AOP interception without proxyies or bytecode manipulation, and shows how the same is possible in Ruby and other dynamic languages.


Spring 2 Video Interview with Juergen Hoeller and Rob Harrop

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 20 Followers on  Sep 30, 2006 2

Spring core developers Rob Harrob and Juergen Hoeller talk about what, why, and how of the new features in Spring 2, including XML configuration, custom tags, AspectJ integration, and migrating to Spring 2. The interview also discusses how to use Spring on large scale projects, common pitfalls with using Spring, and Spring MVC vs. other frameworks.


AspectJ and AJDT Promoted to Eclipse Tools Project

by Alexandru Popescu Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 20, 2006 4

AspectJ and the AJDT (AspectJ Development Tools) projects have now moved from being Technology projects to become Tools projects. AJDT lead Matt Chapman told InfoQ that the move "is a significant milestone in AspectJ's history, and reflects the maturity and popularity of both the language and the Eclipse IDE support."


Glassbox - Automated monitoring and troubleshooting using AOP

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 20 Followers on  Sep 08, 2006 1

Glassbox is a production Java monitoring solution built around AspectJ, released under LGPL. Glassbox made it's first public announcement yesterday with the release of Glassbox Automated Troubleshooter beta 2. Glassbox deployes as a war file to your appserver and then uses AspectJ load time weaving and to monitor app code and other artifacts.


Presentation: AOP - Myths and Realities

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 20 Followers on  Sep 07, 2006 9

This talk goes beyond myths surrounding AOP and shows the real deal. It examines many practical applications implemented with and without aspects, providing a context for scrutinizing AOP. It also discusses ways to adopt AOP in pragmatic, risk-managed ways allowing developers to try AOP in their own system and gain understanding at the experiential level without exposing them to undue risk.


Spring 2 Final Approching with new support for OSGi, JPA, Asynch JMS

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 20 Followers on  Sep 05, 2006 5

Spring 2.0 final is set to come out on September 26th - a few months after the original launch dates. InfoQ spoke to the Spring team to find out what's been going on. Spring has been updated with JPA final spec support, asychronous JMS, the new JSP form tag library, and a collaboration with IBM, BEA, and Oracle to bring OSGi support to Spring.


InfoQ Article: Simplifying Enterprise Apps with Spring 2 and AspectJ

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 20 Followers on  Aug 09, 2006 13

Adrian Colyer, AspectJ lead and Chief Scientist at Interface21 has contributed an excellent article which shows how to use Spring 2's new AspectJ integration features followed by a roadmap for the adoption of Aspect Oriented Programming on an enterprise project, with lots of specific examples of how and where to apply Aspects.


InfoQ Article: Application Failover using AOP

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 20 Followers on  Jul 04, 2006 7

In this latest InfoQ article, Debasish Gosh writes about how AOP was used on a large financial project to transparently implement error handling logic over the Oracle 10g RAC database and IBM MQSeries, to enable transparent failover.


First Spring 2.0 Release Candidate is Out

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 20 Followers on  Jun 21, 2006

The first release candidate for Spring 2.0 has been released. Spring 2.0 is a major new release, some of the notable enhancements include simplified configuration, AspectJ annotation support, EJB JPA support, a task executor framework and asychronous pojo's, convention-based Spring MVC update, and more. The new Spring PetClinic showing Spring+JPA is also included.


AOP Used to Isolate Change on Large-scale Financial System

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 20 Followers on  Jun 14, 2006

A large-scale J2EE-conversion project of 50+ developers at a financial services company recently had a chance to use aspect oriented programming (AOP) as a mechanism to isolate change. Vincent Frisina, revealed some of the consequences as well as some lessons learned about Agile development.


Pitchfork: EJB 3 Interception & Injection to WebLogic using Spring

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 20 Followers on  May 23, 2006 4

Spring 2.0 is now being used by BEA to provide EJB 3 dependency injection and interception, the result of Pitchfork, a new Spring add-on project by BEA and Interface21 that allows Spring to provide JSR 250 dependency injection and EJB style interception. WebLogic users can also use additional Spring features over the EJB spec, and Pitchfork may be used by other Java EE servers in the future.

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