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  • Presentation: Succeeding With Agile: A Guide To Transitioning

    In this presentation filmed during Agile 2007, Mike Cohn talks about the transitioning process towards an agile organization, why the process is inherently difficult, and what it takes to see self-organization emerging in a previously tightly controlled environment.

  • Presentation: Introduction to Agile for Traditional Project Managers

    In this presentation filmed during Agile 2007, Stacia Broderick introduces Agile to traditionally trained project managers by making a comparison between Project Management Institute's (PMI) best practices and their equivalent Agile techniques.

  • Interview: Rachel Davies on Generic Agile

    In this interview taken during Agile 2007, Rachel Davies, director of Agile Alliance, talks about Generic Agile, about the necessity to understand what is the essence of a development process.

  • Presentation: Jeff Sutherland Talks about Companies Adopting Agile

    In this presentation, Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum Agile Development Process, talks about small and large companies which are adopting Agile.

  • Interview: James Shore on “The Art of Agile Development”

    In this interview taken by InfoQ's Deborah Hartmann during the Agile 2007 conference, James Shore, a prominent figure of the Agile community, talks about the book "The Art of Agile Development".

  • Interview: Segundo Velasquez and Agile as Seen Through the Customer's Eyes

    In an interview taken during the Agile 2007 conference, Deborah Hartmann interviewed Segundo Velasquez, co-founder of Mano a Mano Medical Resources, about his experience as customer with an Agile team during the initial phase of software design of a product.

  • Leadership is not Obsolete for Self-Organizing Teams!

    In this talk, software thought leader Mary Poppendieck reviewed 20th century management theories, including Toyota and Deming, and went on to talk about "the matrix problem", alignment, waste cutting, planning, standards and other topics including the role of measurement: "cash flow thinking" over "balance sheet thinking". InfoQ presents video of this popular talk from the Agile2007 conference.

  • InfoQ Presentation: Jean Tabaka on Surviving Meeting Burnout

    Teams moving to an Agile approach may feel irritated as they move from command-and-control to a collaborative culture - which can start to look like non-stop meetings, starting first thing every Monday morning. In this InfoQ exclusive presentation, recorded at Agile2007, Agile coach Jean Tabaka shared her experiences working with teams, offering guidance on how to alleviate meeting burnout.

  • Presentation: Implementing Scrum In A Distributed Software Development Organization

    At Agile2007 we heard the tale of a distributed Scrum project with 50 people in 4 continents. BMC Identity Management decided to build their next generation product, including architectural changes and component integration, using Scrum to handle the uncertainty of their product's requirements. This presentation talks about how.

  • Agile Alliance Elects New Directors

    After Agile 2007 the Agile Alliance announced the election results of its ballot for board members for the 2007-2008 period.

  • Agile2007 in Review

    Now that Agile2007 is over many people have looked back over the conference and shared their experiences. InfoQ gathers a few of these and asks: How was your Agile 2007?

  • TW Team Wins with Cure for "Developer Abuse"

    The AgileAdvert contest asked "So you want to be a famous Agilist?" At Agile2007's Google reception, the audience voted to make the sad ThoughtWorks clip "Developer Abuse" the no.1 video, so "Matthew" is this year's Famous Agilist (name changed to protect the innocent). Other winners featured singing, dancing, a beating, "outside the box" thinking, expletives (deleted), and charming children.

  • The Agile Alliance takes a Break to Teach and Learn at Agile2007

    In addition to our daily and weekly cycles of development, our releases and projects, there is an industry cycle which ends and starts again with the Agile Alliance's annual conference, which started yesterday with over 1100 participants and 300 sessions, many of them interactive and hands-on. This week will see a massive exchange of lessons-learned and the launch of new products and services.

  • Second Annual 'State of Agile Development' Survey

    The second annual State of Agile Development Survey, sponsored by the Agile Project Leadership Network and VersionOne has been released. The survey is described as taking "5-7 minutes to complete approximately 20 questions". The results are completely anonymous, and will be presented at Agile 2007. Three Amazon gift certificates will be randomly drawn for participants.

  • Agile2007 Conference Program Announced

    The Agile2007 conference program was announced today to entice those still on the fence about attending this year's event in Washington, D.C. from August 13-17. Of note: a keynote by Erich Gamma on "Scaling-up Agility The Eclipse Way," the APLN Leadership Symposium, a new Research-in-Progress Workshop on Agile Software Engineering and the new Conference-Within-A-Conference, fondly known as CWAC.